Best Beef Jerky Brand

The Best Beef Jerky Brand On The Market

At Dhat Dher Beef Jerky we focus on “Beef” Jerky! So you won’t find all those exotic jerky meats here. We like the old slogan “quality over quantity” when it comes to our exceptional beef jerky. This statement doesn’t mean a whole lot until you taste our jerky! Read how the “Best Beef Jerky Brand”, Dhat Dher Beef Jerky began!

Our quality beef jerky is never just dipped into our special marinades. We soak our raw jerky for 24 hours before it is cured.Best Beef Jerky Brand

A common practice other producers use is to simply dip their product into the marinade to save money.

We DO NOT do this – EVER!

We soak our meat in marinade for 24 hours to allow for total saturation. This produces the best flavor through and through down to the last morsel.

Dhat Dher Beef Jerky is the Best Beef Jerky Brand!